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Wonderful and tranquil

Really nicely put-together! Theres a lovely ambient background track which plays while viewing (and which you can turn off, of course), and additional information about planets and other celestial features.


I like the application. It great just love it


I used it in daytime to see if it was real. It Showed Fake Stars

Really great and useful

I love that app, you can observe your own sky everywhere you are and its

We love it

My wife and I love going out at night while looking at the stars with this app


I love this app it helps me teach my son about what he is seeing and really helps to spot the international space station

Star Wonder

I often wonder what is shining brightly above me and have only to raise my phone (with this app) to find out what it is. As others have noted as well, I also sit inside and look all around including the floor below to see where everything is. The find feature is fabulous as it points in the direction of what you are looking for, such as stars, planets, satellites, constellations and galaxies!

Its perfect!

I am in love with this app! I didnt care much about space before I got this app. But standing in the back of my truck last night, its like I realized for the first time that when I look at the stars Im seeing outer space! Seeing the names and information blew my mind and Im looking to get the telescope that goes with the app soon!


Super cool app. Missing some really dim stars.

I like it so far

Just started using it the other night. I am fascinated by the sky. I probably need to play with the app longer to learn to use it properly. Good job.


Definitely, the best app for sky viewing!

Fantastic app

Not only do I enjoy seeing where the stars are, and the constellations, I love the music. Its very soothing to look around at night while Im in bed to see where the stars are in relation to where I am. I fully intend to upgrade as soon as I can.

Fantastic App!

this app is phenomenal!!! my friends and i looove spending time looking at the sky and finding constellations, and this app is perfect for it! theres so many different settings, which is especially great since its free

Map is reversed 180°

Also having similar problems as other people.*Map is reversed 180. Cant find any information how to correct it. Try different methods of calibrating and still not able to fix the problem. If the problem resolved. I think it would be a great app.

You get what you pay for

Download the free version, the paid has features I wouldnt use (apple watch etc). While pointing to the night sky the compass swings wildly. Manual and automatic calibration doesnt help. Looks like a great app if it only worked.

Gets the job done

Nice App. Worth trying

Great value!

So much fun, and even the free version has so much stuff. Great work!

Love this app

Awesome app


I like this app, I love the sky!

Very cool

A very nice app, well done

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